What Is the Function of Finish Nails in Your Building Projects!

Lifestyle You need nails for attaching molding and trims to a home. There are special nails that made for the above purpose and they are often called finish or finishing nails in the market. They are sunk into the area where putty has been applied to render it a smooth and strong finish. The nail has small heads and they range from about one to four inches.

The weight of the finish nail is often taken with the pennyweight method. There are different weights and sizes. They are determined as per their weight in comparison to the penny used. These nails are popular for indoor projects and work. However, there are exceptions where these nails might be used for outdoor work as well.

Finish nails and pennyweight

The term pennyweight is very popular and has been around for several years. This term has its origins in England and it implies the amount that was paid by the buyer to the seller for one hundred nails. For instance, if 100 nails cost 5 pennies people called the purchase five penny nails. This is still used today around the world for finish and other nails. People in Rome took the word denarius and its symbol of d. This is why denarius means penny. The method of weighing nails came into existence as follows- 2d, 3d etc. The pennyweight for finish nails are from 2d to 20d. It is hard for you to determine the penny size of the nail. The easy way is to take its length and minus one half of an inch. You will have the number that you should multiply with 4 and this gives you the penny size of the finish nails.

How do you use the finish nail in projects?

The length of the finish nail depends on the width of the molding or the trim of the area. For instance, if the width of the wooden area is one and a half inch, the length of the finish nail should be one and a half inch. The method of calculation is simple as you just need to make your nail 3 times the width of the wood. The purpose of a finish nail is to sink inside the wood and leave a small hole that may be later filled in with putty. You will find that the head of the nail is generally bigger over the shaft of the nail. These nails just need a gentle tap to be sunk into the wooden surface. The process is fast and simple.

Finish nails are available online and in local stores. Like their counterparts they come in different grades and quality. It is important for you to choose good quality finish nails for your projects so that they give you a clean and neat finish. These nails should be purchased from good brands that have reliability and trust in the market. The company should always give you genuine products so that you face no problems with your home improvement or any kind of interior building projects!