What factors should be taken care of while buying a bra?

Lifestyle – The bra is one of the most important garments for a woman. A right bra can make a woman look more dignified and composed. There are a vast variety of bras available in the market. It means there is something for everyone. Every woman has different needs when it comes to the comfort. Some women like minimizers while other may prefer push- up bras. Some women prefer comfortable cotton bras while others may go for beautifully timed fancy bras. Also, there are varieties like padded, non-padded, and underwired.

, it is essential to choose the right bra, but it can be difficult for some women. Because of this fact, many women buy the wrong bra for themselves. When buying a bra, always try it before to check the fit, shape, comfort, etc. There are many online sites for best online bra shopping. Here are some factors that should be taken care of while shopping for a bra.


Always make sure you choose the right size. If the bra is too small, it can make the breast peep-out from the cups of the bra. This can be quite noticeable and can cause a lot of embarrassment to a woman. Also, tight bras can be too uncomfortable for a long duration of wearing. It can also distort the shape of the breast. If the bra size is bigger than required, then it may create the falling effect of the bust. Bigger bras can cause sagging of the breast. Therefore, it is must to have a bra that fits perfectly. Two sizes need to be checked before buying a bra. First of all, check the size of the waistband and secondly the cup size. Both need to be perfect.

Cup quality

Cups need to be firm as well as soft. The thickness of the cups need not be too much. Wrong size and shape of the cup may lead to slipping of the cups from the breast. Also, the flexibility of the cups should be such that it takes the natural shape of the bust. Cups should cover the bust entirely.

Bra Fabrics

The fabric is again an essential factor that needs to be taken care of while buying a bra. Quality of the fabric should be high. Make sure that fabric does not feel suffocating on the skin. The skin should be able to breathe. The fabric should not be coarse. It should feel friendly and soft to touch. One needs to take care of the trims used on the bra. Trims should not create any discomfort to the skin in case of the fabric is 100% synthetic there are high chances of rashes formation. Therefore, always try and opt for cotton based bras, especially in summer. Cotton bras help to absorb the sweat and keep the skin fresh.

Shoulder Straps

Check the shoulder straps. Shoulder straps need to fit correctly else they may cause disastrous results. If the straps are shorter than required, it forms a pull that creates an ugly effect of the breast, And, if the bra straps are longer than needed than it may keep on slipping, which may cause breast sagging.

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