Father and son fishing in ocean surf at sunset.

BOATING & FISHING – After a lot of extensive research and testing, we have reviewed the best 5 surf rods on the market. These brands are currently the best surf rods you can find on the market, and they all display unique features which seem to set them apart from the crowd.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at

What are the surf rods for surf fishing in 2019 ?

Tsunami Airwave Elite Surf Spinning Rod TSAWESS-1062MH

If you are a professional angler or just a beginner, and you are looking for a rod that comes with the best performance, then the Tsunami Airwave Elite is for you. The TSAWESS-1062MH is the most modern Fuji K-frame designed specifically for braided line, giving you greater flexibility.

The Elite fishing rod is made from graphite composite coupled with a dense fiber that saturate the denser cloth to build a very strong fishing rod. The quality and detail of the design are outstanding. It is sturdy and well-made. With a length of 90-foot six inches and a weight size of 50-30 pounds, the rod offers high sensitivity and handles all sizes of fish.

This lightweight unit provides a pretty nice pencil poplin rod that is well-built. It features an X-lock handle, Fuji reel steel, and Fuji K guides as well as a 30 k guide to give you a modified Kona Layout.

With a Nanotechnology design, this lightweight rod offers a greater lifting power and works perfectly on 30-pound test braid. The fishing rod also provides a good buck cap that allows you to use it as a walking stick and to give you balance when you get hit by a wave while in the water.

Being a two-piece rod, the Tsunami Airwave did an excellent job of featuring a part called the Ferrule that bends the rod closer to the handle. The Tsunami Airwave sells at a retail of $157 on Amazon, making the fishing rod the best bang for your buck around.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning Rod

We are taking a step down, and we are going to be looking at some of the legends. Next on our list is the famous Ugly Stik GX2 from Shakespeare. The Ugly Stick features everything you have got to know about its legendary performance over the years.
If you are thinking of buying a classic rod for your surf fishing adventure, then you want to take a look at the GX2 Spinning rod. The ugly stick offers you with toughness and durability, and the confidence to fish for anything and anywhere.

Anglers everywhere, know ugly stick by its clear tip design. Featuring Ugly tech construction, the fishing rod is a 2-piece, 6-foot medium action, 6-15 model line poles that offer a classic design while eliminating insert pop. Since it is a combo rod, it comes with a reel and a strong pull. The unit combines fiberglass and graphite to create an incredibly strong and sensitive rod.

This lightweight feeling rod delivers outstanding strength and durability that makes this stick every angler’s workhorse. The GX2 provides all the benefits of a balanced rod combining force and performance you have to depend on. The plain tip delivers extra strength, and it is sensitive to the lightest strike. We also love the fact that it allows anyone to fish on multiple lines like a braided line.

The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod is at the top of its class when it comes to value. For less than $68, you’re getting a top of the line Surf rod that will always get the job done.

If you are looking for a budget rod that will easily do the work for you, then the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod is a trusted rod that offers you great flexibility and strength to get the job done.

Okuma Fishing Tackle CSX-S

The Okuma fishing tackle is one of the hottest selling rods around on the market. It is a 7 foot, 2-inch medium light, moderate fast action rod. The Okuma offers a lightweight and a steady design with high-end features that set it apart from other fishing rods.

The unit has a 30-ton carbon blank and carbon on the back of the reel to keep the weight of the rod down in at 4.5 ounces. The rod also has a split grip, EDA foam, and a rubberized cork as well as threads that give you a nice comfortable grip when you hold on to the rod.

With an ALPS 326 grade stainless steel guide frame coupled with a Zirconium inserts for various kinds of braids. The handle set of this brand gives you the needed comfort and strength without being slippery as well as a fluid handling of the rod when wet.

It also comes with a medium micro guide which reduces the line slap to give you a further cast. The frames are stainless steel, and the inserts are a hard aluminum oxide, which is perfect for braids.

My favorite feature is the rod action which is very sensitive. Its slower action is the selling point of this rod. The softer action paired with the medium macro guides really makes a great casting rod.

The rod is responsive, durable and works perfectly well on different types of reel. The Tackle CSX-S- offers an exceptional and outstanding distance coupled with a smooth and comfortable casting. With a price tag of $125, the Tackle CSX-S- offers you a great price for the money.

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

The Penn Prevail Surf Spinning rod is a top of the line fishing rod that is specifically designed to give you the best fishing experience.

The blank of this element fishing rod is made from a graphite and fiberglass material to give you the sensitivity you need and the strength to pull the rod when it catches fish.

Featuring a two-piece rod, the Penn Prevail delivers unique power and performance to give you robust and sturdy fishing rod. This lightweight rod also offers a stainless steel frame coupled with a hard and smooth aluminum oxide material which works perfectly for both monofilament and braided lines.

The handles of this rod sports a rubber shrink tube grips to make sure that the rod doesn’t slip-out of your hands when it gets wet. The Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod also comes with a DPS row seat with stainless seat hoods to enhance its durability and firmness.

The Prevail Spinning rod did a great job when it comes to throwing artificials in the surf, and plugging dead bait in the surf, striper blues, as well as soaking. At a retail price $66 to $132 on Amazon, the Penn Prevail offers everything you can find in a high-end surf rod.

Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

The Tva UEHA series is a great fishing rod that is made from high modulus graphite material. It relies on its oxide ring and Fuji Alum Aluminum Oxide ring guide for strength and durability.

The look and feel of this rod are impressive and work correctly on different types of surf fishing like the Salmon surf perch and stripers.

As one of the finest rods around, the Tica offers a remarkable weight lure of 1/2oz to 2oz.

With a lightweight and well-structured design, the rod is sturdy and very sensitive to the lightest strike. The rod is sturdy and can last you for a very long time than most expensive rods.

The rod is flexible, beautiful and can handle both small and big fish. The unit is built to stand abuse and cast as far as you want it to go. The best part is that the fishing rod can deal with different kinds of lure size and weight.

Currently, the Tica UEHA Series retails at a budget price of $84-$194 on Amazon, and the device is packed with a lot of cool features to make your fishing adventure a whole lot fun.

If you are looking for a reliable fishing rod that can get the job done perfectly, then you can’t go wrong with the Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod