BOATING & FISHING Shopping for a pool pump can be a challenging task, especially for the uninitiated. First, you have to think about the type of pool that you have and its size. You also have to be familiar with the different types and the mechanism at which they work. You will most probably end up being overwhelmed. To make things easier, read on and we’ll help you come up with the right decision on what to buy.

1, Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump (Editor’s Choice)

When it comes to pool pumps, Hayward, without a doubt, is one of the most reliable brands. This specific model is one of their bestsellers. With high ratings from its previous users, this is sure to be an exceptional product.
This is a single-speed pump with a powerful motor. There are different variants that are available with power ratings ranging from .5 to 2.5 horsepower. It has an industry-leading performance, which makes it our favorite.

Looking at its features, this model comes with the exclusively designed swing away hand knob. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for making it easier to remove the strainer. There is no need for any tool to do so. To add, there is also a large debris basket that will be able to catch even oversized leaves. Installation and maintenance will also be almost effortless on your end.

There is also no need to be worried about its durability. All of the components are corrosion-resistant, promising many years of functionality.

It is powered by a heavy-duty and high-performance motor that allows it to deliver unmatched reliability. Despite the power, however, you can expect that it will operate without making a loud noise. It also has a ceramic seal and is heat-resistant, which also contributes to its durability.

2, Intex 28633EG (Best Above Ground Pool Pump)

While there are many things that can convince you to choose this model, the best would be the fact that it is user-friendly, eliminating the complications that are associated with its installation. To achieve optimal functionality, all that you have to do is to replace the old cartridge at least once every one or two weeks.

Another thing that makes this easy to use is the built-in timer, which will be great for your convenience. With the timer, you will be able to easily set the daily cleaning schedule and leave the pump on its own.

With a flow rate of 2,500 GPH, this is designed for Intex above ground pools with a diameter of up to 24 feet.

It also comes with a variety of safety features for your peace of mind. For instance, there is a ground fault circuit interrupter, which will prevent the system from overloading and electrical problems. Also, when the electrical current is accidentally exposed to water, the pump will immediately turn off on its own.

Lastly, the pump has the innovative Hydro Aeration Technology. In a nutshell, this is a revolutionary feature that improves water clarity, improves water circulation, and increases the amount of the negative ions that are present.

3, Pentair 340039 (Best Inground Pool Pump)

If you have an inground pool and you are looking for a reliable pump, this is one product that you should not miss. It is available in a variety of horsepower options depending on the size of the pool that you have.

The internal design of this single-speed pool pump is one of its best features. The latter is the one that allows the reduction of hydraulic noise, resulting in quiet operation. Despite being powerful, you can expect that it will remain super quiet as it pumps water.

This self-priming pump is also known for its ease of installation and operation. Start-up is sure to be quick. Plus, you can expect that it will withstand the test of time with its premium construction, especially because it has a thick-walled body. The basket is also large and easy to access. Complemented by the powerful motor, it delivers optimal performance while being energy-efficient.

It also helps to know that it has been pressure and performance tested, providing an assurance that the quality is hard to rival.

Lastly, the unit comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is the standard in the product category.

4, Hayward SP1580X15 (Best Single Speed Pool Pump)

Built for an above-ground pool, this is another product from Hayward that deserves to be mentioned in this post. It has a high-performance impeller and motor, which are two of the things responsible for its incredible performance. The motor is also dip-proof, which contributes to its longevity. There are also heat-proof seals that will make it less prone to wear and tear. Plus, with a heavy-duty casing, the internal components are surely protected from external elements that could speed up damage.

The industrial size of the collection basket is also worth noting. Because it is large, it has a maximum capacity of 118 cubic inches of debris. The basket also comes with a clear cover so that you will easily know when it is about time to have it cleaned. There is also a durable strainer that will help in catching the debris, making sure that it won’t return to the water in the swimming pool.

Meanwhile, equipped with self-lubricating bearings, it will ensure smooth operations while requiring minimal effort when it comes to care and maintenance.

It also comes with an automatic shut off function, which will come handy when it comes to your safety. This also provides protection from overloading.

5, Pentair 342001 (Best Variable Speed Pool Pump)

This variable sped pump is powered by a 1.5 HP motor, which can run either on 110 or 220 volts. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, this pump will be impressive.
There is no need for complicated and expensive rewiring, which makes it one of the simplest variable speed pumps you can find on the market today. It is also easy to operate, which is basically because of the onboard display. You can easily monitor its functions and the programs that you will input. There is also a 24-hour timer and you can have it programmed in three-speed settings. Best of all, there is an ultra-quiet motor. You will barely notice that the pump is working!

The memory function of the pump is also a plus, which makes it deliver a smart performance. In case of a power outage, the existing settings will be saved and there is no need to input it once the power is back.

Being a part of the Eco Select Brand, you can also be confident that this is an eco-friendly product.

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What are the Types of Pool Pumps?
While there are many factors that you should take into account, one of the most important is to consider the type of the pump that will be suitable for your needs. Here are the options that you will have.

Single Speed Pump

Most of the pool pumps belong to this category. This is also the most affordable, which is perhaps the reason for its popularity. As the name implies, it has a motor that spins the impeller only at a single speed. However, it should be noted that it is quite power-hungry, which is why it is not suitable if the swimming pool is used daily.

Dual Speed Pump

With the use of this pump, you can choose from low or high-speed settings. This will be an excellent choice if your pool has spa features. It is a good choice because of the versatility that it offers because you can easily change the speed.

Variable Speed Pump

Despite being expensive, these pumps are great because of the energy efficiency that they can offer. It has a permanent motor and provides the opportunity to customize the speed. It comes with at least three-speed options, which is also why the energy consumed will be lesser compared to the two above, although this will depend on the speed that you will choose.

How to Choose the Best Pool Pump

If you go online and do your research, you will be confused with the many products available, each claiming to be the best. To help you in narrowing down the possibilities, these are some of the most important things you have to consider:

Size of the Pool: Obviously, you have to pick a pump with a power that is proportional to the size of your swimming pool. More often than not, the manufacturer will indicate the maximum size of the pool at which their pump will be compatible with. If the pool is larger than the stated capacity of the pump, it will be useless.

Type of the Pool: It should also be noted that a pump for an inground pool is different from a pump for an above ground pool although there are some models that are designed for both types. Those for inground pools have a self-priming feature.
Durability: Pay attention to the materials used and the overall construction of the pump to be assured that it will withstand the test of time. It should come with a durable case that can protect the components from damages.

Power and Performance: One of the best ways to determine this would be by looking at the horsepower. The latter is a rating that will be indicative of how powerful the pump is. If the pool is only small, you may not need one that is high-powered.
Filter Basket: The basket should do an effective job in the filtration of water and should be large enough to keep oversized debris. If the basket is poorly-designed, the dirt will just go back to the water in your swimming pool.

Ease of Use: From the installation to the operation of the pump, there should be user-friendly features. Even maintaining the unit should not require too much effort on your end. Take the time to read reviews from its past users.

Care and Maintenance for Pool Pumps

After an extended period of use, the pool pump can be prone to wear and tear. As it is an expensive investment, you have to exert effort and spare time for its maintenance. These are some of the things that you have to do:

See to it that the motor receives adequate cooling. Ventilation is important so that it will not overheat and won’t pose a safety concern amongst users. Always check the air vents to make sure that there is no dirt and debris that are clogging it.
To motor should be protected from external elements such as rain and moisture. Exposure to the latter can damage the bearings and the motor.

Regular cleaning of the pump is important, not only to extend its useful life but to also get rid of dirt that could possibly make it noisy.

The chemicals should not come in contact with the motor as they can lead to serious damages that could compromise the performance of the pump. They can also release fumes that could damage the motor.

Wrap Up

Indeed, choosing the best pool pump can be a difficult task, especially for the uninitiated buyer. At this point, however, we hope that the insights above made it easier for you to decide what to buy. From the type of the pool that you have to its size, there are several considerations that will help you narrow down the possibilities.