I love nature. There is something incredibly relaxing about being surrounded by nature and I am definitely a country girl at heart. So when I’m sitting in my grey room in Canterbury that overlooks a Lidl car park I do start to feel a little bit out of touch. I read a study a few years back that said student productivity was increased if they had a plant in their room/workspace and I have tried to make sure I always have some form of greenery in my bedroom ever since (I want to say this is something to do with the increase in oxygen in the air but don’t quote me on it).
However, despite my love for plants I can’t say that I’m naturally green fingered. Horticulture is something that runs in my family and I was brought up helping my grandma and granddad in the garden in the summer learning how to plant vegetables. Sadly though their natural affinity with growing things has not been passed on to me as in my first year of Uni I managed to kill off my cactus. That’s right. A cactus. Since then I have found some nice easy plants that even I  can manage to look after without them dying!
1. Lucky Bamboo Plant – According to Feng Shui these little plants bring luck and prosperity to your home and I could really do with some of that! Bamboo plants only need a little amount of water to live (just make sure the soil is moist) and don’t require direct sunlight making them one of the easiest plants to maintain.
2. Lucky Money Plant – Another plant that is supposed to bring in luck and prosperity (usually brought around Chinese New Year) These are potentially even easier to keep alive than the Bamboo Plant as they must never be over-watered. You can usually get away with only watering this plant once every 10-14 days as it really doesn’t require much water at all. Believe it or not these plants thrive best when they are basically ignored.
3. Flowers – Okay, Okay. So this isn’t a plant. However, I do think that a fresh bouquet of flowers can really brighten a room and make you feel tonnes better. You can get some really pretty cheap bunches of flowers from most supermarkets but I actually recommend the Lidl flowers. They are some of the cheapest and in my experience have lasted the longest. Flowers are also super easy to look after as you literally just need to place them in a vase of water and admire the beauty.
I hope this has encouraged you to get that green finger out and brighten up your workspace. I really did find a great improvement in my mood once I had added these into my room and I don’t think I would want to be without them now.
What are your favourite low maintenance plants?
Let me know in the comments!