I am a little bit of a Perfume junkie. Perfume is something that I’ve had a fascination with ever since I was a little girl. The first proper perfume I owned was a Gucci Eau De Parfum II which I still have today and is still one of my favourite Perfumes. Since then my collection has expanded somewhat and I’ve gone through different phases with my taste, firstly preferring super sweet scents like Nina by Nina Ricci, then moving on to more mature unique scents like the Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum. I’m now going through a bit of a floral stage favouring my newest in the collection Balenciaga Florabotanica. This is where ZARA comes in.

As you may have gathered I do tend to have expensive taste when it comes to perfume. My all time favourite is Giorgio Armani Si which retails at £47 for a 30ml bottle – ouch. So after being cautious of using my expensive perfumes too much I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. My housemate Sophie has been recommending ZARA perfumes to me for awhile but it was only around Christmas time that I took the time to go and have a sniff.


Was I shocked. These perfumes smell amazing. I don’t think I smelt one that I disliked and there were various scents to choose from. I decided to choose the Floral Bouquet perfume (as I said I’m going through a bit of a floral moment right now) it is floral but it’s also very fresh, to me this is the ultimate everyday relaxing fragrance; it just makes me happy.

Other amazing scents are the Pear and White Flowers – I brought this for my mum for Christmas and she loves it. The Freesia and Vanilla – I brought this in a roller ball format for Sophie for Christmas and I was hard pushed to give it up if I’m being honest! Sophie’s favourite is Amber Vanilla and that is also heavenly as a slightly more mature take on the classic vanilla scent.

What makes this better is that the price ranges from £7.99 to £12.99 for 100ml of Perfume!

If you haven’t tried ZARA for perfume then I really would recommend it, particularly if you’re looking for a good quality scent that lasts all day and doesn’t blow the budget.