Gift for women Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus (Best Robotic Pool Cleaner)

In our review of the top-rated robotic pool vacuums, this is the one that emerged on the top. Among others, one of its most advanced features is the Clever Clean technology. The latter has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer to allow it to clean a pool with a length of up to 50 feet, making sure that there will be no traces of dirt left behind. It has a software that provides a systematic scanning of the swimming pool to be able to clean all of the areas.

On the top of the unit, there is an easily accessible filter, which is large enough so that it won’t frequently need to be emptied. The filters can also be rinsed and reused, making it an economical unit in the long run.

Meanwhile, as it is equipped with dual scrubbing brushes, you can be confident that even the toughest dirt will not be able to escape its path.

To add, there is a revolutionary swivel technology, which improves the maneuverability of the cleaner while making sure that the cable will not end up tangling.