Personality Assessment – A Great Tool for Man Management

Education – Any activity that requires teamwork, man management becomes extremely important. It may be sports, a cultural event or a business. Without proper man management there will be inefficiency and productivity will decline.

If you are in a leadership position and has to manage a group of people, then it is important that you should not only know about your own personal traits but also that of the others to deal with them better. To help you gauge the personality traits of individuals, there is a very good online tool called the Everything DiSC Workplace.

This tool is a fruit of years of research in behavioural science to observe how the personality of an individual help him to cope with different environments and guide him to make optimum decisions. To lead a group, you should have a clear idea about your objectives and the various skills of your team members so that you can assign the right people the right task. Besides, you should also know their personality to make sure that you pair your team right. It has been observed that some people are naturally good at some jobs while others are good at other jobs. Like a person with a single-minded focus and a go-getter attitude will do great in a sales team, whereas another who is a bit laid back and like to deliberate a lot before taking a decision will be very useful in the planning process.

The Everything DiSC Workplace through a simple test allows the leader to not only know his major personality traits but also that of his teammates to manage them successfully. You must be very well organised, motivated and ready to take challenges to succeed in the leadership role. The DiSC gives you an idea of how you should go about convincing others in doing a job properly. It tells you how different people like to work and how you should communicate with them effectively to get better results. To manage people well you should have a positive working relationship with them. To make it happen you should have a clear-cut idea about the motivator and stressor of different team members. This knowledge that you get from the Everything DiSC Workplace will ensure that you put forth your ideas and strategies in a way that the other team members can understand easily enough to follow.

To lead a team, you should also have great negotiating and moderating skills. These are extremely important in a people conflict situation in the workplace. You should also develop the ability to look at the problem from different angles so that you decide on a solution that will take care of every issue associated with that problem in a more holistic manner. As a leader, it is your duty to take everybody along with you and make sure that all the people in your team are motivated enough to take on new responsibility and see through a job that requires skills, knowledge and perseverance. To achieve this, you need to be a motivator, guide and mentor to your team members.

The DiSC is a highly beneficial tool for managers as it gives them a map on how they should go about their job in managing people based on their personality traits. The DiSC sort people into four basic traits called Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. According to DiSC, all these personality traits are of equal importance and anybody irrespective of his personality trait can do any job provided he has knowledge and experience of that particular job. The DiSC only tells you how to motivate others with a different personality so that their efforts are aligned to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.