How Can I Choose Right Institute to Pursue Professional Year Program

( Education ) – Getting a good job is the dream of every student who wants to enter the industry. This becomes more important after you have completed your graduation, especially from a good university. In Australia, there are a lot of job opportunities.

But, as people are getting more and more aware and educated, the competition has stiffened. This has left students in search of jobs, even after completing their graduation. It becomes necessary to have an edge over other students so that it is you who gets the job. Many international students studying in Australia face the similar situation. To improve the employment opportunity of overseas graduates and to prepare a workforce for the companies that match their required skills and knowledge, the government of Australia took some measures. It, along with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection, introduced training programs with the name of Professional Year Programs. These programs were meant to solve the dual problem of unemployment of international graduates and the shortage of skilled workforce in the industry.

Streams in Professional Year Program

Professional Year Programs as explained above were created with the purpose of increasing the employment of international graduates who have completed their graduation or post-graduation from an Australian university. The program runs for 44 weeks including an internship of 12 weeks. There are mainly four streams of Professional Year Program. These streams are available for the students to opt in accordance with the degree they are holding. The streams are:

  1. Professional Year Program in Accounting: PYP in Accounting is also known as SMIPA (Skilled Migrant Internship Program: Accounting). A student with a degree in accounting can enrol in it.
  1. Professional Year Program in Engineering: Professional Year Program Engineering  is meant for the graduates in engineering and technology field.
  1. Professional Year Program in IT: PYP in IT is for the graduates who have a degree in information technology and internet technologies.
  1. Professional Year Program in NAATI Course: PYP in NAATI course is meant for the graduates who want to get a job as a language interpreter and translator.

Choosing the right institution for your Professional Year Program

After deciding that you are taking a professional year program, you should check that whether you are eligible for it or not. After completely checking the eligibility criteria, comes the question of where to get admitted. Professional Year Program is a government introduced program but is implemented by various private institutes across Australia. There are many institutes that are offering a course in professional year but not all of them are as good as they say. You have to make sure that whatever institute you are selecting has experienced trainers or not, whether it provides internship in good companies or just for namesake. These all things are difficult for you to check.

To avoid such hassle and to save your time, Professional Year Program is here for your help. They have experienced consultants who can find you an institute which suits you best in the city of your choice. So, before enrolling into any institute, first contact Professional Year Program.