Lifestyle – The wisdom tooth or the eighth tooth is the tooth located in four angles of maxillary and mandibular, it is usually the final appearance in the mouth.

The scientist indicated that the process of its growing is the third set of the molar. This process may last few weeks or even a year.

These teeth emerge in people is from seventeen to twenty-five, there for the anthropologist also calls they are the “adult” teeth seem to mark the personal nature like a praise.

However, according to the human evolution, the wisdom tooth is not only a vestigial organ but also a big trouble because of the painful feeling in a jaw,

surrounded its area or some problems related to oral inflammation such as swollen and red gum and headache caused by tooth growing process.

Obviously, remedies to relieve wisdom tooth pain in jaw caused by teething play an important role as the extraction an eighth tooth can affect the nervous system and another organ so much.That the reason why you should be careful to decide teething.

Actually, the substance of this pain is a symptom quite similar inflammation and this pain just appears if there has not enough space for the normal tooth growing.

At the pre-time of its emerging, blood vessels under membrane surrounding the tooth dilate. The fluid inside vessel coming out causes the area swelling.

At the same time, prostaglandin, a hormone promotes the inflammation, increases its concentration in there, then the result is pain and uncomfortable feelings.

In brief, in order to reduce the tooth pain, you should contract gum’s vessel and prevent infection concurrently.

Based on these, there are the most appropriate and safest way to relief pain. when a wisdom tooth is coming in.

Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain in Jaw for You

Using Ice Pack

The low temperature of the ice helps blood vessels contract and inhibit the action of local pain nerve. Therefore your swelled area becomes better and more comfortable immediately.

There are several ways to using this method:

  • Applying ice pack directly on cheek is the same side of a toothache until you feel better
  • Immersing a clean cotton ball into a glass of cold water and then putting it on this area about ten minutes.
  • Icing a second-hand teabag then putting directly is a more powerful method. It not only helps to reduce pain but also prevents inflammation which may make your condition worse by acid tannic property in tea.

Keeping Teeth Hygiene and Gargle Salt Water

At this moment, the gum is more susceptible to infection so you should be sticky to keep the best hygienic mouth.

It includes brushing teeth after each meal or snack, gargling salt water as much as you can because the salt water is an effective anti-inflammatory solution.


Ginger is a potent antibacterial agent. Crushing some slice of ginger before you cover it over the wisdom tooth could promote wisdom teeth healing.

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Garlic Treatment for Toothache

It contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and so many medical substances that support the pain relief.

  • Crushing a garlic clove and put it against your aching wisdom tooth
  • Chewing directly few garlic clove twice or three times per day to recover the pain.
  • If you worry about the bad smell after using this method, you can mix a tablespoon of fragmentary garlic with a little salt water, immerse a cotton ball in it and then apply on the top of wisdom tooth. Repeat it until the pain is relieved completely.


Onion can provide relief from toothache by its antimicrobial property. In addition, onion is also able to kill bacteria which may infect your gum.

Like another remedy mentioned above, you can chew a slice of onion in few minute or bite it then apply on wisdom tooth several times a day.

Peppermint Treatment for Wisdom tooth pain

It is really the most effective traditional home remedies for wisdom tooth pain. The peppermint contains so much anesthetic and analgesic properties so you might feel that the hurting disappears quickly.

Besides, it can help you kill bacteria in the mouth which make the condition more seriously. However, in order to maintain the good effect, you should repeat this method many times per day.

  • Immersing a cotton swab into a little of peppermint oil, easy to find out in the market. Next, rubbing it in and around painful areas about few minute. Finally, you should gargle with salt water to prevent peppery sensation.
  • In another way, you can make a solution including a teaspoon of dried peppermint with a glass of hot water. Gargling this solution to relieve your wisdom toothache.

Massage with Fingers

In this way, you coordinate fingers and thumb to massage gently the gum. This method is a just temporal way to weaken pain. Or you can bite the teeth to alert nerve impulse then forget a toothache in a short time.

Anyway, all of the methods were showed above are really the most effective and convenient remedies for you to relieve a wisdom toothache immediately.

However, if the pain still lasts a long duration and becomes more serious, you should go to the dentist to find out the appropriate solution.

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