It’s the last of this years Christmas Gift Guides! Today we’re talking about stocking fillers and I have got some awesome ideas lined up for you!

Stocking fillers I think can be abit of an odd one because it really does depend on your budget. You could choose to get big bulky gifts that physically fill the stockings or you may choose little cute gifts. I’ve tried to give you a selection of sizes and prices to hopefully suit your personal needs! This is going to be unisex but you may find me leaning towards more feminine gifts – that’s just because the ideas come more naturally to me, but I have tried to include things that I think guys will love as well!

SOCKS. This is a must right? I feel like any stocking filler guide should really include the obligatory socks. These cuties pictured above are from ASDA for £2 and are the softest things ever! I actually bought these as a little extra to go with a gift for my friend Roisin (I can say this safely as we have already exchanged gifts early because we won’t see each other around Christmas so we had an early celebration!) but I also have a pair myself that are pink with Polar Bears.

Books. Yeah I’m predictable I know but I think a book is the perfect present and I want to go into Publishing after University so of course I’m going to include books in all three of my guides! The Penguin Little Black Classics are ideal for stocking fillers as not only are they sizeable and can help to fill the stocking but they are also super cheap! You can grab these for just £0.80p! They aren’t super easy to get hold of any more but Amazon does still stock them, so go check that out! (But I would suggest checking your local book stores just in case they sell them first! I know my University bookshop still sells them!)

Going with the theme of books – BOOKMARKS! – I don’t know about you, but I love a good bookmark. I’m not sure if this is just #booknerdproblems or whether this is a genuine thing. But I really appreciate getting a new bookmark. One of my favourites are the new Alice in Wonderland bookmarks that have been released this year by the British Library to celebrate 150 wonderful years of Alice (I currently have 3). I also really appreciate the Hobbit bookmarks that were released last year which you can also still get on Amazon.

Roger & Gallet Christmas Crackers* – I was very kindly asked if I was interested in checking out this years Roger & Gallet Cracker. Crackers are huge this year so of course I kindly accepted and as a massive fan of Roger & Gallet I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Of course I wasn’t and this is beautiful. The Roger & Gallet Crackers include a full size hand cream and a miniature matching scent. I was gifted the Fleur d’Osmanthus cracker but they also sell them in Fleur de Figure and Bois D’Orange. I can 100% tell you that these are beautiful and I think that they make a lovely gift for your mum, friend, sister, heck even yourself! They are £6 and you can grab one HERE (Hurry as they are going quickly!)

Lush – I personally think Lush is the ideal stocking filler. You can pretty much spend as little or as much as you like and the majority of people I know love lush products in one form or another. Whether you’re buying for a bath or shower person lush have you covered. They also release some lovely products around Christmas so I recommend you get browsing HERE. My own festive favourites are So White, Star Dust, YogNog and Golden Wonder.

W7* – W7 are a budget beauty brand that I have recently been introduced to. They have some great bargains and I think make the perfect gift for perhaps a younger female relative or a girl just getting into her makeup or even just someone that loves makeup and is always up for trying new brands (like me). I really like the Brow Parlour, it includes 2 brow shades, a highlight, a wax, an applicator brush w/ spooli and a little mini tweezers. I’m going to be doing a full review of this and some more of their products soon on the blog so make sure to come back for that later! You can purchase this cute little gift from HERE for only £3.50 (RRP 6.95).

Nails – If you follow me on Instagram (@Bambisblogs – just sayin’) you will know my obsession with nail polish. If you know me in real life you will REALLY know my obsession with nail polish #noregrets. It is true I do love a good polish and I think they make lovely stocking fillers. Again you can go from high to low budget wise and make it as fancy or as frugal as you wish! I really love the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine formulas because they apply brilliantly, the range of colours are fab and they are a steal at only £3.99-£4.99. If you’re looking to spash out a little more then go have a browse at Essie or Nails Inc. Nails Inc currently have an awesome Festive Cracker that’s £19 and contains 3 mini polishes that I know I would be over the moon to receive HERE. Whilst Essie have a lovely “All I want for Christmas” Gift box for £24.99 that contains 5 full sized polishes in their most festive (yet extremely wearable!) shades HERE.

Lips & Hands – In the winter time I feel like your lips and hands get the most battering by the cold harsh air. I think anyone would be pleased to receive a lovely hand cream or lip balm (even the men!) Lip Balm I like to go for Lanolips, they are so soothing on the lips and come in a range of ‘flavours’ and tints. I personally love the Lemon Lanolips because not only does it smell/taste great but it is also so conditioning on my lips and really makes them feel so much better you can grab this HERE for £8.99. Hand Cream I will always opt for a Roger & Gallet Hand Cream (I love their Rose scent) which you can grab HERE for £6, or a Molton Brown Hand Cream (Try the Rhubarb and Rose it’s amazing!) which you can get HERE for £10.

That’s all for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little ‘mini-series’ of Christmas Gift Guides. I haven’t done these before so I would love some feedback! I hope you don’t mind the limited gifts and lack of super fancy expensive stuff but most people just can’t afford super fancy stuff all the time and I want to be real on my blog and not make it artificial.

Hopefully these posts have given you some budget friendly gift ideas for your loved ones!
Happy shopping everyone and I hope you all enjoy the Christmas period!
I will be back in 2 day’s for another exciting post!