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How to Make Your Skin Look Younger

There is no short cut or cheat sheet on how to make your skin look younger. However, one might be surprised to know there are several natural health products as well as skin care products which help. Nutrients help in replicating the blood cells and generate more energy. Processed foods, stress, toxins and low-nutrient diets […]

Homemade DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

Homemade face cream – Recipe and tips It is essential for all women have a soft skin, cleans, moisturizes and main without blackheads and pimples. To achieve this result often use the creams, treatments and a facial with a professional, but do not always have money left over, then the way is to appeal to […]

Braided Hairstyles

Every passing day women are increasingly bold in time to dress and even make a hairstyle, braid for example is not a new hairstyle, has been around since medieval times and today is popular with women, single difference is how it is done, after all the creativity has no limit on the time to look […]

Coconut Oil for your Hair & Nails

We’re not done with coconut oil yet!  If hair and nails are more your concern, cure whatever ails you with more uses for coconut oil. Dandruff.  I’ve personally never used this for dandruff, but given that it’s so nourishing and hydrating, try this stuff out for mild dandruff before hitting the hard stuff.  Coconut oil’s thinness […]