Bake At Home For A Birthday

Lifestyle – Is the birthday of your loved one coming around? Do you have to take care of a lot of preparations for the party? Don’t forget about the cake. The cake is the best part of a birthday party. Other than the birthday boy or girl the birthday cake has the spotlight on a birthday party. So a wrong cake just won’t do. The sight of a yummy cake finished with glossy icing and colourful sprinkles is bound to make everyone’s mouths water.

When it is the birthday of a child, all the kids invited to the birthday would be anxiously waiting to set their eyes and teeth on the cake. Thus, giving your child their dream cake on their birthday would mean a lot to them. You can easily order birthday cakes online but instead of always going to a cake shop to buy a cake for the party, you can try something different this time and bake one yourself at home. The following tips will help you bake that dream cake for your child.

As you are will be baking at home, you should try to stick with round cakes. Their geometry makes them much easier to work with even with fondant or butter cream frosting. Cakes with much more edges will be more difficult to cover than the regular round cake. Remember to put a piece of parchment paper to line the bottom of the cake pan so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

The looks of the cake is extremely important for a kid’s birthday party. But just looks won’t do. The cake has to taste really good too. It is seen that many kids actually prefer the taste of a confetti cake which has a lot of sprinkles. Making a confetti cake in your home is no big deal. All you have to do is buy a big bag of chocolate chips and sprinkles and add them to your cake batter. A tip to remember is that you should always work with small sized mix-ins as they would disperse in the batter properly, but the larger ones will sink down to the bottom of the cake.

This is an important step to achieve that crumb free frosting on a cake. After you have baked your cake, you should put it inside the freezer for a while. This trick will trap all the crumbs inside the cake. Freezing the baked cake overnight will do the job perfectly. You should wrap each of the layers of the cake individually in plastic wrap and then put them in the freezer for a minimum of 5 hours. Adding a crumb coat to the cake will further ensure that there are no crumbs in your cake.

If you are not will to make your own frosting but use the store bought butter cream, then it would be better if you put the entire content in a mixer and blend it for a while. The frosting with double in volume and also become much more smooth.