Do you know the secrets of arugula health benefits? Many people have never known about arugula, or it can be called rocket or rucola in some parts of the world.

Arugula is a beneficial plant which brings a lot of nutrients to your health. Commonly, with its pungent taste and tangy aroma, you are able to add it to a salad to enhance the delicious flavor.

In science, arugula is called Eruca sativa, a vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family, this genus can be considered as a healthy source of nature.

You perhaps see this plant in a thin and leafy shape with green color, as well as arugula is easily found right at your local food stores. Obviously, it is a good choice for the daily diet that lowers the risk of cancer, weak bone and eyesight.

Furthermore, arugula health benefits help you promote the memory, metabolism and immune system. To get the better result, you should choose the arugula with tender and bright green leaves.

Arugula is a natural antioxidant, it can aid you in improving the body systems and dealing with cancer. It is recommended that you should consume arugula in your basic meal to get all the wonderful health benefits.

Arugula Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Arugula contains a great deal of folic acid, phytochemicals that remove the free radicals and boost the overall health. Moreover, a study has shown that arugula is more effective than other vegetables of the family in fighting against cancer.

On the other hand, arugula is rich in fibers and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, all of which are good for your skin and help you deal with obesity, heart disease as well as many other problems.

Health Benefits of Arugula Leaves:

With 100 grams of arugula, it provides you

  • 25 calories, 1.6 grams dietary fiber
  • 2373 IU vitamin A
  • 15 milligrams vitamin C
  • 160 milligrams calcium
  • 47 milligrams manganese.

Here are some fabulous health benefits of arugula that you had better know about it. Thus you are able to add this great vegetable into your daily basis diet.

Fight Against Cancer

As mentioned above, regular intake of arugula will reduce the risk of cancer due to high phytochemical content in this cruciferous vegetable. Arugula has been considered as the anti-cancer agent for a long time, especially cancer-related to breast, colon or bladder.

The phytochemical substance has the ability to eliminate the free radicals and harmful carcinogens which cause mutation of your cell. In addition, it may slow down the spread of the dangerous tumor. Undeniably, it is really imperative to prevent cancer from the beginning.

Improve Overall Health

The next health benefit of arugula we want to show you is to boost your health. Thanks to a great source of vitamin A in arugula, the function of many body parts will be enhanced.

Besides, it is also good for your skin, eyes and teeth. If you notice, the flavonoid substances in a leafy plant like arugula will guard your body against the attack of the cancer cell.

Strong Bones and Brain

Arugula contributes to the healthy bones and brain, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances which protect your body and strengthen the bones. The consumption of arugula can provide sufficient amounts of vitamin K that your body requires.

As you might know, vitamin K is a key element in forming and improving the bones. In fact, the neural degradation is the main reason for Alzheimer’s disease, luckily, arugula has the positive impact on this process.

So you need to add more arugula in your diet and you will see the improvement in your memory function.

Enhance the Immune System

Among wonderful health benefits of arugula greens, the outstanding benefit is to boost the immunity. Indeed, arugula is noticeably loaded with vitamins, in particular vitamin C, which will find out the harmful, dangerous free radicals and neutralize them.

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Therefore, they cannot damage your DNA and mutate your cell. Furthermore, arugula helps to improve the immune system, keep it strong to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. The minerals found in huge quantities in arugula aids your immunity in functioning properly.

The minerals found in huge quantities in arugula aids your immunity in functioning properly.

Deal with Obesity

When it comes to obesity, the arugula can be an ideal treatment. Because arugula is a vegetable with the low level of calorie, thus it has an amazing effect on losing weight fast. However, this leafy vegetable also contains

However, this leafy vegetable also contains the high level of vitamin that helps to keep your body healthy and balance the nutrition.

Metabolism and Digestion

Another arugula health benefits are rich in Vitamin B that plays an essential role in improving the metabolic process and cell growth. Obviously, vitamin B influences many cell activities such as restoring energy,

the synthesis of fat… In addition, arugula may maintain the pH level in your intestine and improve the digestion. Daily consumption of arugula is a natural solution to treat constipation and other digestive problems.


Last but not least, arugula is well known as a natural remedy for people who have vision problems, such as symptoms of red eyes. Arugula is rich in carotenoids which aid you in dealing with the macular issues.

In detail, when the macula degenerates gradually, it will cause the damage of your central visual and lead to cataracts. Thus, arugula will not let you down if you use it to improve the eyesight.

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