All About Knee Surgery

Lifestyle – Knee surgery is rated to be one of the major discoveries of modern surgery. In fact it is considered to be one of the best treatments for arthritis of the knees. It has gone on to put hundreds of people back on their feet and allowed them to enjoy the golden years of their life.

Post-surgical care

After the first day of the surgery, you will be working with a physical therapist who is going to teach you various exercises in order to regain the full movement of the legs and knees

When you are at the hospital you will be attended to by a physical therapist once or twice in a day. In fact a plan will be formulated on your returning back home as well.

The doctor is going to recommend a continuous passive motion where your knee is bending and straightened.
Elastic stockings are going to be provided to you so that swelling does reduce.

The recovery phase

The recovery phase tends to vary form an individual to another. Ideally you would need to use a walker for close to 4 weeks after the surgery. In about 2 to 4 weeks you can drive a car

Most people gradually increase their activities over a due course of time and play tennis, golf or bowl in 12 weeks. It is suggested that you need to refrain from active supports like jogging or tennis.

Once surgery is over there is need in going to opt for a nursing home. In case of patients who stay alone, you would need to stay a few days at a rehab centre and then leave the hospital. This is going to dependant on your stay at the hospital and just be aware that healing process may vary from person to person.

Benefits of knee surgery

Your quality of life improves- when you are burdened by chronic and disgruntled joint, then a knee surgery is bound to improve the quality of life. Patients who opt for a surgery face functional impairment and long standing effect. With the help of this surgery a patient can return back to normal life.

Why Choose India

Medical tourism has boomed in a country like India by leaps and bounds. It is not only that the knee replacement in India cost is on the lower side for national along with international patients. No wonders to the fact that there is a mad rush of patients. In addition to this India has some of the beautiful tourist locations in the world. The backwaters of Kerala, to the